When you are doing the fighting game, came up with a good combo of their own, you can memo as soon as you start the app.
Memo You can enter a command at the same interval as the game pad in 60fps.
Button can also be pressed simultaneously.
You can also change the character of the input buttons on the state of the character icons and tag combo.
The previous state is displayed as soon as you save the current state of the auto body even if you exit the app as it is, when you start the app again.
You can also save the created data to the SD card.
You can either create a folder in the game for each title, and save the file to each character.
It helps because it is seen as soon as the skill table that was created when you do the game fighting system as long one this.

Number of lines:Can enter up to a maximum of 999 lines
Damage:Three digits 000-999
Field memo:Can enter up to 26 characters
Button:Enter up to 78 possible

Input pad comes out when you touch the line.
You can enter the button to selected line.
[Pad Button Description]
Directional button:Eight-way button is changed to black press and hold one second. Direction buttons to slide the screen you can enter.
☆button:Neutral input.
○button:While the circle button is pressed the screen will continue to touch at the same time.
×:I close the pad.
MEMO:Damage and memo input.
DEL:Remove one button. Press and hold continuous erased.
ICON:Enter the character status icon, brackets [], CH(change)icon.
CUR+Directional button:To move the cursor. Press and hold in continuous movement.

When you press the Menu button on the body, menu item comes out.
[Menu Item Description]
New:We'll start a new one to remove all lines.
Save As:I will save the body the current state.
Open File:I open the data saved in the SD card.
Save File:I want to save data to the SD card. You can also create a folder.
Delete File:I will delete the data saved in the SD card.Delete a file in the file name selection. Press and hold to delete the folder name of the folder.
Consumer files button files. con, arcade button is. arc.
Edit:I want to edit mode.
Jump to Line:Move to the line with a specific line number. I can also be moved to the last line currently being entered.
Pad Change:I switch between the 4 and 6 button arcade buttons for consumers.
Help:I will display the operating instructions.
Quit:You can choose to either quit and save the body the current state, or to quit without saving.

[Edit Item Description]
[Edit]:Switch to [Sort].
COPY:I want a copy of the original line. Copy the original line is yellow. Press again to cancel.
PASTE:I copy over the original line to copy the selected line.You can copy over any number of times until the source is released.
INSERT:I shifted down by adding a single line.
DELETE:I shift on to remove a single line.
CHANGE:I want the original line replacement. Replacing the original line is yellow. I replace and press again to select the destination row replacement.
[×]:I close the edit.

[Sort]:Switch to [Edit].
DamageAsc:Sort the lines in ascending or descending order of damage.
MemoAsc:Sort the lines in ascending or descending order of memo.
Return:I return to the state prior to the sort.

※ Access permissions
Storage:Contains in order to save the file to the SD card.

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