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CommsLink calculates the power transfer of a line-of-sight communication link. The program uses the Friis Transmission Formula to calculate the power received at the output terminal of the receiving antenna. It assumes the antennas are pointed at each other for maximum gain and that there are no impedance mismatches at antenna terminals. Also the transmit and receive antennas have identical polarisations and are aligned for polarisation match.

To calculate the power transfer, simply enter the transmit frequency, transmit power, antenna gains and distance between antennas and the received power will be automatically calculated.

Also by Olympiapps:

A design aid and performance estimator for a variety of microwave and rf antennas and systems including the following:

Communication links.
Radar Range.
Radar cross-sections.
Aperture antenna beamwidths and peak sidelobe levels.
Phase array element spacing and differential phase shift.
Linear array beamwidth and directivity.
Planar array beamwidth and directivity.
Microstrip patch antenna design.
Wire antenna design and performance:
Half-wave dipole
Folded dipole
Reflectometer calculator
Mismatch error limits calculator.

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