Compass and leveler



Compass and leveler

Compass and leveler is simple and convenient.
Neat design of the compass to operate quickly and accurately.
On the screen, the horizontal / vertical / leveler in a circular shape to the movement of the terminals realistic and reflected light and shadow leveler in the actual product, as well as the movement, such as intuitiveness horizontal for ease of set-up can be.

Key Features

* Response speed is excellent and unwavering compass is a simple and accurate operation.
* Horizontal / vertical / leveler in a circular shape on the screen, depending on the slope of the terminal reflected light and shadow on the leveler accurate and realistic measurements seem to operate simultaneously with the actual product works.
* Button to reset the origin according to the shape of the terminal slope of the relative angle of the measurement may be more convenient to use.
* Pause / Resume button can be read easily as the horizontal scale of the
* Reset button in the terminal has its own stand back as the origin of the horizontal can read.
By rerunning the program, reset the run origin of each finally * leveler to maintain, because it can be used conveniently.
* Can be a fast and convenient way to use the menu button or other button without compass or circular leveler click to enlarge / shrink. (When zoomed Back button to shrink.)


Thus, measurement error or there can be a difference in the precision of the performance of the sensor built into the handset *.

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