Compass with EMF and Camera



Mobile Compass by neoTrait is a digital compass made using sensors in your phone. It can replace a original one with your phone.

The app has following options:
> Provides degree of rotation from North , also shows direction of North South East West.
> Provide EMF value at the point. Has a EMF Detector graph. This can be used to detect Metal
> Shows GPS location of a place.
> Camera Integration with Compass for real view.

This app also contains EMF detector using sensors in the phone. It reads the EMF at a place and displays the reading as well graphically shows the EMF over time. EMF detector portion is an addons to the Compass. Compass and EMF uses the already installed sensors in your phone. The reading in application is totally dependent upon the sensor's performance.

Shows Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates with address.

Working Instruction :
> Swipe the EMF detector graph to left to view the GPS data . Swipe back to get the EMF graph.
> Click Camera Button on the main screen to navigate to Camera Mode. Press back button to go back to normal mode
> Take snapshot in Camera mode.

Note : The App depends on the performance of your device. The compass is effected by Magnetic field and shows wrong readings. Wrong reading can also be due to the sensors ageing effect.
Its a free application. Enjoy !!!!

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