The compass application is the most easy, intuitive, usefull and simple to use. It allows you to convert your phone/tablet into a handy compass using device sensors.
Compass application can be used in your daily outdoor activities. If you are a scout or you are just going to travel or camping, this is the application that should be on your phone/tablet and should be used everytime you need a compass.

-Simple and clean interface.
- True North (Default) or Magnetic North.
- Various Themes.
- Update Speed.
- GPS Location (address, latitude, longitude).

Move away from any source of interference, or re-calibrate by Hold the phone with the display facing up and execute a figure 8 motion.

The compass application depends on the device sensors to display compass/location exactly position. If it works perfectly in your device, this means your sensors are perfect. If it's not perfect then might be because of your device sensors of because you need to calibrate.

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