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Complete Calculator Free is the ads supported version of Complete Calculator.

Complete Calculator is a utility that handles all your everyday calculating needs, including basic arithmetic, scientific functions, unit conversion, discount, tips and tax calculations.

Its features include:

- Respects operator precedence
1+2*3 will result in 7

- Supports scientific functions, including
sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
log, ln, e^x, 10^x, x^y
sinh, cosh, tanh

- Supports degree and Radian mode for triangle functions
Touch the "Deg"/"Rad" toggle button to change the mode

- Supports copy and paste
Long press (press and hold) the main text display to invoke copy and paste
Copy will copy what's currently displayed into clipboard
Paste will be equivalent to type in the characters on clipboard, until the first unsupported character is encountered. Supported characters for pasting are '0' - '9', '+', '-', '*', '/', '=',

and space. Space will be ignored.
For example, if "2 + 6/3" is in clipboard and we already has typed in "1", paste will be the same as typing in 12+6/3, when "=" is pressed, a result of 14 will be displayed

- Support 2 customizable unit conversion buttons and 2 customizable tip/tax/discount calculation buttons
Metric, imperial and Chinese units are supported
Long press (press and hold) the button or tap the "..." button right to the button to customize it

- Supports different screen size and orientation
Has different layout for small and large screen
Has different layout for landscape and portrait orientation

- Supports English and Simplified Chinese locale
Displays texts in Simplified Chinese when system locale is Chinese.

- Remembers your settings
The customization to the special buttons is remembered even after application restart
The memory value set by "M+", "M-" is also remembered even after application restart

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