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Complete Countdown Timer is an intuitive yet versatile countdown timer which has almost unlimited applications. Whether you're using this in the kitchen, for your exercise routine or out and about, you'll find the flexibility offers almost endless possibilities.

To achieve this versatility, this application offers unlimited countdown timers, that can be linked to allow even the most complicated timers to be achieved. However, the UI avoid complexity - and a simple countdown can be achieved in just a couple of key presses.

This countdown will run in the background, and provide customisable alerts when a timer ends - both in terms of sound and a popup screen. User preferences are included to set the alert tone and determine whether and when alerts automatically clear.

For ease of management timers can be named (if desired), and set in terms of hours, minutes and seconds. If you wish, you can add several times and have them operate independently or otherwise link them together. When linked you can set timers to either:
1) End before an existing timer - to set a timer to go off before another timer. An example application of this is in cooking, where you may want to put carrots in the oven 30 minutes before a joint finishes. Now there is no need for complex calculations, just set a second timer and have the application work it out for you.
2) Start after an exist timer - to start the next timer only once the first has completed. An example application for this is an exercise routine where you want to start the next activity once the current is completed.

You can also have timers acting independently, for example setting three individual timers that can be individually started and stopped.

On the main timer screen, colors are used to warn when a timing is coming up to completion, and all timers can be simply started, stopped and reset from the main application timers. If you want to start or stop timers independantly you simply hold the timer name and select from the popup.

Note that the application automatically saves the state of all timers, so they are availability next time you load the application.

At the moment this is an initial functionally complete release and I'm looking to enhance functionality in future releases. Thus I'd appreciate feedback on features you'd like to see and bugs you may have encountered. Ideas for future versions include:
1) Ability to save and load timers.
2) Option to have different style of alerts.
3) Add icon to notification bar to show timers are running.
4) Option to select volume.

I'd appreciate input on the above and any other ideas you may have.

Note that this version does include a small banner advert at the bottom. I've tried to avoid this being disruptive, but am open to suggestions on location or offering a advert free version.

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