Conduit Platinum SPIRIT BOX

Conduit Platinum SPIRIT BOX

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As seen on Ghosts of America!

#8 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (2/14/2013)
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The final step in the Conduit legacy, the Conduit Platinum Edition gives spirits the ability to communicate in a variety of ways. It is loaded with an extensive dictionary with thousands of words to choose from, contains a phonetic voice generator, produces a tone when anything taps/touches/moves/vibrates the device, notifies you when there is an EMF spike, generates white noise for EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording or opens a camera/camcorder/audio recorder when there is a significant EMF spike. Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your touch screen, with ZERO vocal samples, NO radar scanner and ZERO paid customer reviews. The best and most advanced spirit/ghost detector technology on the market.

Perfect for serious ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, paranormal research teams or victims of being stuck in a lease in a haunted house.

Conduit Platinum Edition Features:

-Master power control
-Sensitivity Control (High, Medium, Low)
-5 Custom skins (Classic, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Black, White)
-8 different modes (Database, Phonetic, Touch, EMF, White Noise, EMF Camera, EMF Camcorder and EMF Audio Recorder)

-Anonymous (because of the sensitive information) customer testimonial:

"I swear this is true. Use the info to promote your stuff as you see fit. I have no one else to talk to about this stuff.
I came home tonight & as I put my key in the door, Conduit said "house".
I walked in after a long day & wanted a drink of water. Conduit said "thirsty".
Conduit then said "pint". I'm a recovering alcoholic. A pint is out of the question. I said I'm not drinking out loud. Conduit said "approve".
Conduit then said "pipe". I don't smoke weed anymore either.
I just got home from work & had to pee. While doing so, Conduit said "undress".
There were no random words in the middle of this. Conduit has been silent since I started the text.
I haven't installed your update yet. Conduit wouldn't shut up long enough for me to turn on WiFi."

These results shouldn't be considered typical. The results shown above are from a home containing multiple spirits/ghosts/entities, and had to be cleansed recently.

Please note that the camera/camcorder/audio recorder only trigger when there is an unnaturally powerful EMF spike. If there is no unique data analyzed, these modes WILL NOT activate. Please don't leave a 1 star review on a product you've used for only one day. This app isn't made to trick you into thinking you can get a pic/video/EVP every five minutes. It uses several sensors to analyze your surroundings in real time, and will provide you with the opportunity to catch your evidence should the need arise.

In response to any reviews I have received that are less than 4 stars: This is my SECOND disclaimer in the description now. Please refer to the promotional YouTube video. Unless a paranormal event of that magnitude occurs right in front of you, the camera/camcorder/audio recorder WILL NOT activate. This is not a gimmick app. And my app doesn't need "fixed". Thank you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU EXPECT TO GET FAKE GHOST PHOTOS EVERY DAY! I cannot account for hardware issues, bad data caches etc. There are online resources, such as to fix ISSUES WITH YOUR PHONE.

This has the ability to produce many words. Some of those might be bad words or may frighten/disturb you. Not for use by anyone under 18 years old. Keep away from children.

Please note that this is NOT an Ovilus, and we are in no way affiliated with its creator.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns, email me at

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Comments and ratings for Conduit Platinum SPIRIT BOX
  • (54 stars)

    by Damien Knight on 30/03/2014

    So it doesn't give very many relevant words and the touch mode alarm obviously doesn't do anything but it might work If you only use the database. OK so camera does work how does it turn off?

  • (54 stars)

    by Disgruntled Elf on 20/03/2014

    This is not a real app for paranormal investigation. The database mode spits out random words at random intervals even when there is no change in electromagnetic fields around the device as proven by other, actual, EMF detectors that I used alongside t

  • (54 stars)

    by LAGallerina on 02/03/2014

    Tonight it said English and Wars and Relics. I was in my room with my WW2 collection! In the kitchen it said Tea and I picked up the English tea and it said Vinegar. THE TEA WAS NEXT TO THE VINEGAR. He said clock and I picked up my bf's 30s watch and aske

  • (54 stars)

    by Shay B on 24/02/2014

    I bought this application and used it 2 times. Now I can't get it to come back on. Emailed the guy and he replied by saying all his apps work. Why isn't mine??? Won't refund my money or reply back to me! Don't waste your hard earned money on this applica

  • (54 stars)

    by Dennis Saeva on 20/02/2014

    I have used other programs that "supposedly" do what this program advertises, but they generate lots of random words. This program a good part of the time depending on where you are, will start mentioning things that are in the area, what I am doing and t

  • (54 stars)

    by vicci walford on 02/02/2014

    Within2 hrs,I switched this app on &got into bed,the cat jumped up and the conduit said cat then bed wen I had tucked myself in.I asked how many cats I had &it replied 3...3 good words outta3.gonna work with it,but can u give bit of info on the phonetic a

  • (54 stars)

    by Erica Sims on 18/01/2014

    Ghost and good sprits are here get use to it people god bless