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Contacts Backup Application help you to backup your important contacts! You can easily get your contacts back in case you lose your phone or change the handset.

Why just backup your contacts to SD Card? Using this app you can backup your contacts through emails, Clouds (if installed) or computer or other device (via Bluetooth).

- This app provides very good functionality to backup and restore your contacts.
- Simple and clean application design is easy to use for any age.
- App UI is based on the latest Android Design and it supports almost all types of devices and resolutions.
- This app retrieves all contacts stored on your Android device and saves it in a single VCF file.

Why VCF?

VCF: vCard File Format
A vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards. You may have seen a vCard attached to an e-mail note someone has sent you. Because vCard is a published industry specification, software application developers can create programs that process vCards by letting you view them, or drag-and-drop them to an address book or some other application. vCards can include images and sound as well as text.
If you lose your Android device no need to worry, your contacts are backed up in your mails or other place, which can be retrieved at any time using your credentials.


When you open this app, you will be presented with a great UI screen with all the functionality at one place.


It’s a very simple procedure just tap on backup button from your screen and let the application do rest to backup your contacts.

After all contacts backup successfully we will always remind you to keep your files at safe place like mail, cloud, or your computer via Bluetooth or you can use any other file sharing tool and make your file safe.


To Restore, It does also require a single tap from your side. From application main screen tap “Restore” button once. It will prompt you to pick a backup file from our default directory. Just select your desired file of backup and it will add those contacts in your phonebook.
Note: It’s highly recommended to take backup regularly and restore it from last previous backup file to get all the latest added contacts restored once again.


Have you messed up while restoring your contacts using some other application or want to delete all the contacts from the Phone, and then just tap the DELETE button.
It will help you to clear your phone book. BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE USING THIS DELETE FEATURE.


Want to share this wonderful app with your friends? Do it using SHARE option from the app itself.

Isn’t it great app? So what are you waiting for? If you really don’t want to miss your important contacts from your phone it is a good idea to take a backup regularly using this app!!!

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