ControlBr Cloud
        Thank you for download this client software from Controlbr. It’s powerful software for security monitoring through ControlBr DVR or IP camera devices. By this software, you may access video cameras real time, replay a recording file inside of DVR equipment, take photos of remote site, anywhere you have internet access.
        What’s new in this version?
    1. Auto-discovery, add new DVR or IP camera by scanning local LAN network.
    2. Using auniversal account to administrate all your device, by our cloud server, ARSP server or directly by address.
    3. Synchronize device list between different Mobile phone device, tablet computer, CMS software or WEB client.
    4. Sub-account, allow you administrate your end user to access devices by your authority.
    5. PTZ control directly on screen by your finger slips.
    6. Switch channel or DVRs by your finger slips
    7. Quick link of DVR and channel directly on main interface.
    8. Almost all operation directly by your mobile phone or Tablet, without computer.
    9. Remote control function (need an extension device connect to DVR).
        Thank you for purchasing ControlBr devices, if you have any difficulty, please check our video instructions on:
        Or visit our website:
        Or send email to:

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