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CoolHeat Calculations

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CoolHeat App is the only software that calculates Heating Time, Heating Temperature, Cooling Time and Cooling Temperature of any solid body, exposed to heating or cooling, in vacuum, air, gases or liquid baths. Given the Initial and Final temperature of a body the software calculates the time to heat or cool at a specified boundary temperature. Alternatively, given the Initial and Final temperature of the body the software calculates the outside boundary temperature to heat or cool at a certain time interval.

- The heating or cooling environment could be vacuum, gas or liquid baths.

- Fourteen (14) Gas and Quenching liquid properties are included in the software.

- Fourteen (14) Material Properties (10 Metals and 4 Non – Metals) come packaged with the App.

- Works with both English and Metric units.

- Three basic shapes (Rectangular Block, Cylinder and Sphere) of material can be analyzed with the App.

- Primary inputs are part dimensions, air/gas velocity, temperatures and/or time and exposure percentage.

- Since the software uses infinite Fourier series the results are 99% accurate.