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Copan Pro for Android is a hand-held geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane land survey coordinates.


Calculate Inverse, Traverse, and Intersections with Coordinate Geometry (COGO) functions.
Processes and adjusts field traverse survey data.
Performs map/deed closure checks and area calculations with Map Check.
Calculate circular curves.
Handles coordinate transformations.
Perform UTM / State Plane / Geographic conversion in metres, feet, and US Survey feet.
Supports gons (grads), degrees-minutes-seconds and quadrantal bearings.
Save GPS points in the coordinate file.
Accesses MapQuest maps if you have Internet access.

Coordinates are saved to files on the hand-held device's memory, SD card, or to Dropbox on the web. There is no limit to the number of coordinates or to the number of points in each coordinate file. Copan Pro coordinate files are useable with Underhill Geomatic Ltd.'s free Copan Lite software for Windows operating system and vice-versa.

Traverse data, Map Check data, and other user entered data may be saved to files for editing and recalculating. Additionally, results of traverse, map check, and curve calculations may be printed to files for transfer to other devices.

Graphics views of Coordinate Geometry, Traverse, and Map Check are shown to help you verify your data.

Differences between Copan Pro and Copan (free version):

- Copan only has one coordinate file of 50 points. There is not limit to coordinate files with Copan Pro.

- Files with Copan are written to internal memory only. These are only accessible with Copan. Copan Pro files may also be written to external SD card or Dropbox. This allows files to be accessed by other software.

- Copan Pro coordinate files may be used with Underhill Geomatics Ltd.'s Copan Lite for Windows software and vice-versa.

- Results from Traverse, Map Check, and Curve calculations may be printed to files.

User manual for Copan Pro is available at:

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