This is an application which helps copy & paste.

The range of a character string is chosen by neither the tap nor long aggressiveness. While the model without a keyboard is increasing, isn't it hard to give a copy to a clipboard?

Please choose the wide range (or whole) containing the target character string, once copy to a clipboard, and start this application.
(A character string is receivable also by share)

A starting position is decided with a cursor button and it is made a range selective state with a range selection button.
The character string of the range chosen when pushing the copy button is copied to a clipboard.
A character string can also be passed to other direct applications by "Share text" from a menu.

When the character string chosen is URL, a browser can also be started by "Share URL" from a menu.

It corresponded to the mushroom function.
(After being called from IME, selection within the limits is returned with a copy button)

- It operates since Android1.6.
- It is a confirmed operation by N-04C.

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