Count Up Down Timer Plus

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    This app is a count up & count down timer.

    It shows the count up time and the count down time at the same time. You can tell the elapsed time and the remaining time at a glance. It works even while the device is sleeping. It wakes up about 3 seconds before your set time and tells you the time with a dialog (and a vibration and/or a alarm if you set).

    This works as a simple stopwatch, too. Just press the start button.

    The default shows just minutes and seconds, but hours appear when the time comes (The time is easy to watch without the figures of hours, I think).

    This app can be used as a time board to show the elapsed time and the remaining time when you use it and set "font L(arge)" in a tablet.

      The elapsed time and the remaining time are exchangeable by pushing the button "layout", as some requested.