Counter and Timer



Counter app, and has a timer stopwatch app. But
The app was not satisfactory to me.

I have made my own. Stopwatch timer counter functions and features
App made ​​in one screen. This app was created by this need.
This app stopwatch and timer counter will be on of the best apps.

1. Counter function.
2. One at the counter increments only, not the number I want
    By setting the number can be increased by.
3. Timer, stopwatch function. (Up-counter, down counter)
4. Stopwatch timer alarm function.
    (I have set the time when the alarm will sound and vibration.)
5. The current count to measure the number of hours and the current list can be stacked.
6. Measured data can be saved to a file.
7. Measurement settings can be saved. And it can be recalled and used.

This App is one counter, timer, stopwatch, now get terminated!

Is used or needed, if you get stuck, please e-mail or attach a review.
Additional modifications will better app.

Counter Timer terminator!

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