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Cow tracker is an application to help a farmer track when a cow should come into heat based on the last heat date.

If the farmer has bred the cow then it will calculate the earliest date to draw blood to check for pregnancy.

If the cow is pregnant it will calculate the approximate due date.

Ability to see what events are coming up in the next 7 days. A user can also click on a cow within this view and it will take them to the cows page.

There is the ability to have notifications delivered for all three events as well and when the events will be delivered on a once per day basis.

A heat check notification will arrive 3 days prior to the next heat date,

A blood draw notification will arrive 5 days after the first time you can draw blood for testing.

A calving notification will arrive 14 days prior to the estimated due date.

Since this is tracking live animals we cannot guarentee that these events will not fluctuate but we hope the application will help you manage your herd better by keeping you aware of when events could be occuring and let you watch just a little closer around those times.

The application does request permission for the on boot so it can run the notification service if needed.

Please contact me with feature requests and any issues that you may find