Cracked Screen Prank HD



A high resolution cracked screen overlay will appear after running the app. The phone will still function as per normal except for realistic internal screen damage graphics. This makes the app very suitable for anyone looking to prank friends and family!

Unlike other similar apps, removal of the "cracked screen" does not require the handphone to have an accelerometer and is as simple as tapping on a secret spot on the screen. A delay function is also available to add to the element of surprise of your prank!


A tiny gray icon the size of a fullstop is placed at the top left hand corner of the screen and will remove the cracked screen when clicked.

Another way is to kill the running service.


- More cracked screen themes will be made available.
- Glass cracking sound upon shaking the phone
- Choice of location of disabler on the screen


The app not the smallest in terms of memory but that is to be expected with HD graphics pranking!

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