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Cronoid is apps for create the automatic task.

It is possible to perform task on a regular basis as cron.
It is also possible to perform tasks automatically when the state of the terminal has changed.

For example, you may want to automate task such as the following.

# Calendar Task
- Turn silent mode when it came to 0:00 on weekdays.

# Wifi Task
- To enable the setting of automatic synchronization when you connect to Wi-Fi.

# External power supply Task
- To disable the Bluetooth when the charger is out.

It is possible to create a task that suits you thinking freely.

Available Trigger

# Calendar
Perform a task at a specified date and time.

# Wi-fi
Perform a task when the connection state of Wi-fi has changed.

# External power supply
Perform the task if the connection state of power has changed.

# Battery level
Perform the task if the battery status has changed.

# Screen light
Perform the task if the screen off or screen on.

# Headset
Perform a task when headset connect or disconnect.

# SMS Received
Perform a task when sms received.

Available Action

# Alarm
Sound the alarm.

# Configuration changes
Change the settings of the terminal.

# Application start-up
Start the installed application.

# Push notification
Make a push notification to the notification bar.

# Application stop(kill)
Stop the application running in the background.

# Still image shooting
Take a picture with the camera.

# Mail
Send E-mail using the G-mail account that is registered to the terminal.

# Wallpaper
Change the Home screen wallpaper.

# Recording
Recording audio using the microphone of the terminal.

Send a message using the SMS function.

You can use all the features in the free version.
The free version allows you to create up to five tasks.

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