(Please note that this project can be considered to be discontinued and probably won't receive updates for a long time.)

Cryptoid aims to create a mobile application which will allow users to encrypt texts with various methods (e.g. with matrices) , send them (via email, text message, etc.) and decrypt existing codes.

This is the second alpha, which is *very* far away from being feature-complete. You can encrypt/decrypt messages using matrices, and sharing is available as well.

List of features:
* Matrices from 2x2 to 4x4 can be edited, saved and used in encryption/decryption.
* Messages can be encrypted and encrypted messages can be decrypted using automatically generated inverse matrices.
* ASCII (or UTF8) characters from 32 to 126 and 10 are available for encryption/decryption. These include all letters in English alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks, new line character and some more.
* Encrypted/decrypted messages are saved automatically.
* Encrypted/decrypted messages can be shared as plain text via applications on your device.

You are encouraged to visit the project page, study the source code, share your experience, suggest features and contact the developer to make this app better.

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