CSDevCTRL (Bluetooth,WiFi etc)



Offers functionality to enjoy more your android device:

A. Bluetooth CTRL
No need to worry for turning on/off bluetooth while making calls.
Just let the app, toggle automatically the bluetooth for you based on your own settings.
Using Samsung S3 stock rom with the known autoconnection problem ? Just enable the workaround to fix this problem.

B. Sound Volume CTRL
If you find that the ringer volume is been reduced accidentally too often, then just let the app automatically adjust it for you when ringing.
The app can also synchronize the media volume mute state with the ringer mute state.

C. Call CTRL
Let the app speak aloud an incoming call using your own custom message so you can tell who's is calling easily.
Change on the fly before dialing, the prefix of a contact number (no need to update your contacts manually).

Let the app speak aloud an incoming SMS using your own custom message so you can tell who's is messaging you easily.

E. Camera Flash Led CTRL
Camera Flash can be made to blink on receiving a call or new SMS.

Want to get a notification if WIFI is on but not connected ?
Would you like to toggle WIFI based on screen being on/off ?
Wish to turn off WIFI if no longer connected ?
Then check out these options.

G. Screen CTRL
You find that the screen turns-off too quickly ? Just let the app increase the screen time-out when using your favorite apps.
The app can also set the screen to Landscape when HDMI connection is detected.

H. Share With CTRL
Let the app, send a web site to Google translate to be translated to your language.

For more information please see the developers web site and the build-in help.

Tested on 2.2/2.3/4.0/4.1 android, does not require root access.

Permissions Explanation
- Your messages
Be able to announce the reception of an SMS

- Your personal information
Be able to announce the contact name when receiving an SMS or a Call

- Network Communication
Be able to detect Wifi/Bluetooth connection

- Phone Calls and Services that cost you money
Be able to add a prefix in-front of the number being dialed

- Hardware controls
Be able to use the camera Flash

- System tools
Be able to toggle WiFi/Bluetooth

-Your personal information
Be able to identify the caller

-Services that cost you money
Be able to append infront of the number the prefix

- Storage
Backup/restore to SD

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