CubeGit - Android git client



CubeGit is a git client to manage your git repositories from anywhere on your phone including making commits and push changes back to your remote repository.

For more information about the version control system git see and

To install CubeGit, you need about 25Mb of internal storage for all the binaries and libs for git, ssh, curl and some other dependencies.


CubeGit supports the following features:

* Sync with remote
(clone, fetch, push)
* Make commits
(add ., commit)
* Show changes made in a commit
* Checkout specifc commits
* Switch between branches
* Browse files and folders
* Edit files with external editor
* Offline version control
(no remote repository needed)
* Versioning with remote repository
* Connect to remotes via ssh / http / https
* Public key authentication (Password authentication via SSH is not supported)
* SSH-key generator
* Gravatar support
* ...


* git://

More details can be found on the project page:

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