CuteCalc Business Calculator



CuteCalc Business Calculator

CuteCalc/B is a calculator application which provides all functions required in business and available at a reasonable price.
In addition to the basic functions, this software provides date and time calculations and
applied calculations such as Compound interest calculation, Loan calculation, Credit card payoff
calculation and so on.
This application is a software product of business calculator series following Cutecalc/L.
CuteCalc/B can be strongly recommended to persons using CuteCalc/L or persons intend to make full use of mobile calculator app.

CuteCalc/B includes following features

* 6 Body Colors,2 Key Types and 2 Numeral Fonts are selectable to custumize the appearance of the calculator.
* Displays values up to 12 digits.
* Localized decimal separators and grouping separator of a numerical value can be entered and displayed.
* Provides floating point representaion or the setting up of the fractional digits of a decimal number.
* Provides Rounding Up, Rounding Down and Rounding Half up in rounding values.
* Provides Calculations with Memory, Grand Total Calculations, Percent Calculations and Tax Calculations.
* Provides repeted Constant Calculations, Date(with day of week),Days Calculations and Time Calculations.
* Provides Tip calculation,Discount calculation,Compound interest calculation, Loan calculation and Credit card payoff calculation which can be accessed by pressing the APP key.
* Provides the length, area, volume, weight and so on Unit Conversions.
* Furthermore, showing the Local Time of 67 cities over the world are also built in the Unit Conversion.
* Checking the result and calculations using the results are provided via the Result History.
* Provides full builtin Help.

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