CuteCalc Scientific Calculator



CuteCalc/S is the ultimate scientific calculator application for Android.
It can preserve, modify and execute calculation formula which consists of key input sequence
and shows big effect when reuse a long or a complicated calculation formula,
And is simple and easy to use but provides many functions.

CuteCalc/S includes following features:

* Standard or real 2 selectable calculator types
* 4 bodycolor variations with standard type
* Display values up to 12digits
* Floating-point,fixed-point, scientific and engineering modes for displaying results
* Fraction calculations and conversions
* DMS(Degrees,Minutes,Seconds) calculations and conversions
* Trigonometric function in degrees,radians or grads
* Hexadecimal, octal, and binary radix modes
* NOT,AND,OR,XOR,NAND,NOR and XNOR bitwise logical operations
* Parcent calculations
* Repeat calculations
* 10 memories plus one independent memory
* Memory access through dialog
* Preservation, modification and executution of calculation formula which consist of key input sequence
* Result history
* Built-in unit conversions and user definable unit conversions
* Built-in physical constants table and user definable constants table
* Full built-in help

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