CyBro Mini Scada



CyBro Mini Scada is SCADA visualization system for CyBro-2 programmable controllers. It can be used for home automation, solar plant, industry, or any other application where CyBro controllers are used.

Screen layout is defined by description file (config.xml) and image files (jpg/png). Page may be rendered in list or graphic mode. Both direct (phone---cybro) and internet (phone---server---cybro) connection is supported.

When started for the first time, default configuration is downloaded (make sure that Home network is not configured).

The following demo configurations are available:

•  default - scene, home plan and industry

•  wooden - alternate control style

•  bargraph - multicolor bargraph with semi-transparent cover

•  pagemenu - page selection menu

•  solar - solar power plant, list mode

To try out an example, open settings and read configuration from

To download example to PC, open

To learn how to make your own configuration, open

To learn about CyBro controllers and other products, open

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