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My only job and only intreset is app development! To keep me alive, and develop more, I add ad to this 100000% free app, it may show icon or notification, I hope you can like it~:)
Have you ever wondered where the time went? Or, how long that meeting was? Or have you ever forgotten to buy a lamp for your home? With a no-working lamp in your home, you have to get along alone in dark. So many of our every day events should be reminded. Now, a free app for you to turn your plans into action. Daily Schedule is a new application that allows you to create calendar events, notes and tasks. This app lets you capture ideas and discoveries across all your devices and when you're ready, turn your ideas into action.

1. How to add your new event?
You can touch the exact time to edit, and also can choose MORE in your MENU to add.
2. In SETTINGS, you can set a lot of options if you need.
3. This app is a widget. You should add this widget from your menu.
4. There are 7 different size calendar grid for you to choose. If your selected one is a little big, you may change another screen with a larger room to view this widget.
5. If you are having a problem with the widget or have a suggestion about a missing feature, email me.

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