Data Controller 2 - Trial



Take control of your roaming charges!

A simple app that lets you decide on which network should the phone be allowed to use Mobile Data.
Its useful when you want to roam/connect to networks other than your home network but not use data.

This is a 14 day trial.

It works by monitoring the network operator and enables or disables the Mobile Data via the Settings of the phone.

Most users don't need this app as the "Data Roaming" setting of the phone works fine for them but there are some cases where either the setting doesn't work or the user is allowed to connect to multiple roaming networks and only wants to use data on certain networks.

After the trial expires you'll have to install the paid Unlocker from the Play Store.

Please Note: Starting with Android 5.0 (Lollipop), this app can only work on rooted devices.
If you have a rooted device then:

1. Use an app like Root Explorer to move the APK to: "/system/priv-app/"
2. Set the permissions to: "rw-r-r"
3. Restart the phone.

Please report any problems on my site or email me with detailed error message.

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