DataGard VPN + AV



Save Money & Secure your Mobile Online Data!
- Only VPN for Android that actually Encrypts Data!!
- Only VPN that works in sleep mode
- Free 25% Extra Mobile Data Limit
- Secure WiFi, Antivirus, Anti Phishing & Encryption
- Speed Up by 50% your mobile Browsing and Downloads
- Display your Data Usage - know how much 3G you have left
- Display malware attacks
- No Battery loss, speeds up Downloads
- Maintain privacy online at all times.

“Improves security by leaps and bounds” - .net issue 225
"As a security product we like DataGard...Throw in the data savings and monitoring functions and we are smitten. It is a great concept executed well" PC Advisor
"DataGard protects your Android phone and tablet in a unique way, at the same time reducing the amount of data you use. Its a fiendishly simple, effective idea... You can enjoy enterprise level antivirus, anti-phishing and encryption... it works well" PC Advisor

Full Description:
- Protect your Banking, Shopping, email, browsing, VoIP & Apps with antivirus, anti-Malware and anti-Phishing
- Stops All Cybercrime Attacks and Encrypts your Internet
- L2TP over IPSec virtual private network plus network security and data compression
- Only VPN that works through sleep mode. Tested up to 72 hours.
- Country Choice Servers Menu - UK, North America, Europe
- Country Choice = 16 regions
- Cellular Data Calculator - Set Data and know how much 3G you have left
- Monitor/Display Home Screen - 3G Data Saved, 3G Data Used, 3G Data Left
- 25% 3G Data Saved ON/OFF
- App pays for itself! 25% Data Savings more than pays for App (1GB of data transfer = 1.25GB with DataGard)
- Speed up download of text files 45%, mixed files 30%
- Protection Mode choice: Always On or Manual
- Choose when VPN autolaunches, even sleep mode
- Prevents third parties from hacking your data, even on WiFi
- Online threat notifications
- Online insecure network notifications
- Stops network operator from key logging your data
- Provides protection History
- Free widget to turn App ON/Off from Android Home page
- Icon in notification panel turns green/red when VPN is ON/OFF
- Extensive Knowledge Base in App and online
- Client Area and Billing Information
- Auto Login to Client Area & Knowledge Base
- Exit and Log Out functions
- Bandwidth Upgrades

Free Trial. Supports Android Platforms 2.2 & 2.3 and all Networks

Languages: English, German

For more info & Knowledge base, please visit:

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