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Datanator™ is a smart cloud capable of sharing Contacts, Events, SMS Photos, Multimedia files & Documents between smartphones, tablets and your personal cloud.
Datanator™ can be used to collate all of your data in a simple structured way, instead of your data being scattered through various accounts and devices; you can now have everything you’ll ever need in one single place (your personal cloud). You can even clean up your handset’s data – just make all the changes you need on the cloud at your convenience and it will appear on your handset.
Busy and on the move? That’s okay, Datanator™ for Android can be set to automatically synchronize at regular intervals, ensuring that your devices and cloud are always up-to-date with your address book, schedule, gallery and documentation.
• Multiple device content management
• Access and update your data from anywhere in the world
• Clean-up your data with the ease of using your computer
• Full entry to with all its features
• Retrieve your data, even if you lose/upgrade your current handset
• No wires, no cables, no hassle
Download Datanator today and start using a true mobile backup solution!

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