Day Counter



This application will display the number of days since the specified date.
How many days passed from the date of the anniversary,
How many months have passed I having an affair with boyfriend and girlfriend,
How do the works for a company over,etc,
You can leave elapsed days of a different kind of event.

Also,In addition to the current number of days from the date specified
Can also display the number of days remaining until the current date from the date of the future.
Therefore,After many days you have before his birthday,The next meeting for several days,etc,
You can also make a note to set up a deadline for the event.
Can also be used as a ToDo.

◆Examples of events◆
How many days passed from going to the salon.
How long ago you started a diet.
How long have you passed either the muscle training.
How long ago you started jogging.
How long ago that I love and dating.
You have many days left before the meeting.
After a few days to go on a trip.
A few days left before your friends and go shopping.

◆How to use◆

1.Start the application.
2.Tap the "Create" icon on the right.
3.Enter the event in text form.
4.Tap the "Calendar" icon in the lower right.
5.Set the date of the event.
 ├You can find the number of days you specify the dates of the past and today.
 └You can tell from the days before the specified date and specify the dates of the future today.
6.Tap the "Save" icon on the right.
7.Event registration is completed.

◆Other Features◆

・It is also possible to edit or delete other events.
・When you flick left or right to the title bar displays separate events.
・Use the Menu button to change the color of the calendar numbers.

◆Thank you for your cooperation◆

Continue to create apps for good,
If such requests and failure,I want to write the review.

Thank you.

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