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The first and easiest available Kostal app, under active development with fast, responsive support.

The app supports these inverters:
- Piko (from Kostal)
- Luxra
- Powerstocc (from Centrosolar)
- Convert (from Solar Fabrik)

Allows to check the current live status and history of solar power inverters. The inverter is a device that converts the DC solar power generated by photovoltaic solar panels into AC power for the power grid.

Settings and data are persisted between shutdown and restart of the application. The persisted data can be viewed without the need for a network connection. There is also no need for registration on or communication with an external website.

Configuration is easy as it supports auto-detection of the inverter on your network.
It's even possible to connect when you're not at home!
Please visit our website http://www.dazzlesoft.be for more detailed information.

Currently Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Slovak, Turkisch and Spanish languages are supported.

If you like to have an extra language added or if a translation should need some correction, please contact us at info@dazzlesoft.be

NEW: Free Windows/OSX version can be downloaded from:
If you don't own the Android or iOS version of this app, you can contact us at info@dazzlesoft.be

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