DOWNLOAD  $13.50


    DOWNLOAD  $13.50



    DB -Radar ( radar detector jammer )
    **** This application is half price for the first 100 purchases *****
    you often pay almonds ? you may lose your driver's license ?
    you pay dearly jamming equipment and the purchase of points allowed ?


    it's over now the solution is with the DB- radar application for the first time a mobile application allows the detection of radar and radar jamming fixed road by using waves wifi phone that uses a magnetic field . it allows the reflection of the laser radar which allows you to drive slowly and safely to buy more expensive and as illegal as our application allows you to access the location of radar jamming equipment already automatically detects and share other users of this application
    ** USES **
    the use of this application is very simple green buttons "START" open wifi and starts the detection process , once the laser beam can be detected (radar ) the scrambling operation automatically and at the same time launching a " GOOGLE MAPS " map appears with suspicious positions