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Are you being bothered by idiots but don’t want the hassle of changing your number? It’s time to cut these fools off. Use the Dead Tone App to make selected callers think your phone has been disconnected.
The Dead Tone App gets rid of nuisance callers by playing them a tone that indicates your number is disconnected. It’s really simple to use and can be set up in less than 30 seconds, without having to change your number or contact your network operator. You can Dead Tone as many numbers as you choose and can also send a message to tell the nuisance caller that you’ve Dead Toned them, just to get the message across.
Not only a useful tool, the Dead Tone App can also be used to wind up your mates. Has 'Dave' been annoying you recently? Just Dead Tone him & let him know.
Dead Tones can be removed just as quickly as they are set up and don’t have to be permanent. To get you started we’ve given you a 30 day free trial so you can play around with it. Thereafter it’s only £1.50 a month – a small price to pay to lead a hassle free life.

Please Note: Dead Tone App is only available to Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile users in the UK. If you are on any other network it will not work.

As featured in: The Telegraph, Now Magazine, The Sun, The Sunday Times, Kiss FM and Capital Radio FM.

"By continuing to download and use Dead Tone you consent to RealNetworks’ (the parent company of Muzicall Ltd) privacy policy. For information on how RealNetworks (RealNetworks Inc., its majority-owned affiliates and worldwide subsidiaries, and RealNetworks divisions operating under different trade names, such as Muzicall), may collect and use both personal and non-personal information relating to you when you use Dead Tone, please click here:"

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