Decipher - Code and Cipher Kit



Decipher is a brand new tablet-optimised tool to encrypt and decrypt text in a variety of ciphers.

Currently Includes:
- Atbash
- Binary
- Octal
- Hex
- Caesar Shift
- Keyword Cipher
- Substitution Cipher
- Vigenère Cipher
- Beaufort Cipher
- Hill Cipher
And more on the way! (Please email me with which ciphers you want to see!)

Also automatically cracks Caesar, Vigenere, Beaufort, Keyword and Substitution ciphers! (Note: cracking is done statistically, and so needs a large amount of ciphertext to be reliable)
Plus Frequency Analysis tools!

Also can display information about the ciphers from Wikipedia or, making Decipher a great educational tool as well.

Choose between light and dark themes!

INTERNET - Requires use of the internet to serve Wikipedia pages about the ciphers and to serve ads.
BILLING - Required to serve in-app purchase.

Tags: vigenere cipher cracking tool , automatic beaufort cipher

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