With DEFA Link you can control the DEFA pre-heating system and get Security and Finder functionality as well. You can also control the DEFA Link cabin and home heating system, Base Unit PRO.

WarmUp features:
Turn engine and interior heater ON and OFF directly or by timer. The system will automatically start pre-heating depending on outside temperature or according to fixed pre-heating times.

Monitor whether the 230V mains cable is connected or not, monitor the battery voltage of the vehicle and get an alert when the battery voltage is low. You can also monitor inside and outside temperatures.

GPS Link features:
Be alerted if your vehicle is stolen or if your pre-configured speed limit is exceeded. You can also look up your vehicle on a map at any time.

Base Unit PRO features:
Control heating for up to 6 separate zones. Select modes of operation: manual on/off, thermostat or regulator independently for each of the zones. In addition the weather forecast is displayed for your location.

The system will monitor power outages, monitor up to 6 different temperatures and a range of additional features. All features are available through this app.

Alerts are sent to your phone and/or email.
DEFA Link is currently limited to the Scandinavian countries.

Note! DEFA Link products requires a subscription and installation of hardware. For more information see or ask your DEFA dealer.

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