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Delete My History does just what it says - deletes your history. The history that it clears includes Text messages, Call logs, Browser History, Market (Google play) Search History, Mail Search History, Map history (Only works with older Google maps), Media gallery pictures and thumbnails, screenshots, and download files from the default browser, Google chrome, and firefox web browsers. The one click option speeds up your phone operations and keeps your privacy intact.

Please give me suggestions to make this application even better!

This History Eraser will delete all your text messages / picture messages, call log history, browser history, market search history, mail search history, map history, pictures, screenshots, thumbnails, and all downloads from firefox, chrome, and the default browser in the default download folders. Please use with caution and only download if you agree that KeyboardAssault holds no responsibility for any function or errors that occur with this application.

Uses various permissions for the ability to delete the stuff you want and is ad supported.

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