Diablo 3 Gem Calc



Diablo 3 Gem Calculator + Flip IT

Make Gold on the AH!! and RMAH!
Selling and upgrading gems can net you plenty of free gold on diablo 3. However knowing what you spent and what you need to make back can be difficult.

This is designed to work out the minimum costs to make high tier gems, will detail the materials required, and what you need to sell the gem for on the auction house to at least break even. As an added bonus, Included is Flip it, a calculator to help you decide items which are worth purchasing and relisting.

Although this calculator does give you the minimum sell price on the AH, if you logon to the Diablo 3 Forums under trade, you will have much better time selling your gems for large profit!


. Selection of Perfect Square, Radiant Square, Star, Flawless Star, Perfect Star, Radiant Star gems.

. The required Flawless Gems, and Tomes of Secret required

. Total gold required to purchase the items on AH

. The minimum sale price of gem to break even.

. The minimum list price of a gem on RMAH

. Your share of selling your gold or Gem on RMAH at min value

Put in the average cost or flawless gems from AH
Put in the average cost of Tomes of secrets from AH
Put in the average rate of Gold in $/Million e.g 1.5 is $1.50 per 1000000g
Select the gem quality
Sell your gem above minimum list price on AH or Forums


Put in the cost of the item you wish to purchase
Put in the ideal selling price of the item in question

Flip it will do the rest, it will subtract the fees for purchasing and selling, let you know what the minimum resale will be to break even and what profit you will make if sold at your ideal price.

For RMAH auctions, select the switch to RMAH at the bottom and vice versa. Different $ values are used in each calculation such as 15% fees on resources and $1 base fees.

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