Have you ever had the problem with loosing your dices in the sand? Or you forgot to take dices from home and you can't play dices games like backgammon with your friends?
The solution is simple - Dices App. You have dices everywhere you go and any time when you need them. Dices App is extremely simple Dice woller - just one screen.

What you can do with Dices App:
-You can choose how many dices you want to row - one,two, three, four or five.
-If you are playing backgammon you need only two dices, but in other games like General and Yahtzee you will need five dices.

Other benefits of Dices App:
-Animated dices when rolling.
-Sound of rolling dices.
-...And when you must be quiet - checkbox for turning ON or OFF the rolling sound.

What we are working on:
-Beautifying Dices App

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