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Units are a very important part of scientific values and calculations. Without units, the numbers scientists talk about have no meaning.
Digital unit converter application converts any unit of measurement into another. Anyone can use it, even businesses can, too. It is designed to make the task of converting units easier and more accurate.
- Length (millimeter (mm)centimeter (cm)meter (m)kilometer (km)inch (in)foot / feet (ft)yard (yd)mile (mi)nautical mile (nmi))
- Weight (gram (g, gm)kilogram (kg)pound (lb)ounce (oz) carat short ton (US)long ton (UK)tonne (metric ton)grain (gr))
- Area (square centimeter (cm2)square meter (m2)hectare (ha)square kilometer (km2)square inch (in2)square foot/feet (ft2)square yard (yd2)square mile (mi2)acre (ac))
- Volume (milliliter (ml)liter (L)cubic meter (m3)cubic inch (in3)cubic foot/feet (ft3)pint (pt) [US liquid]quart (qt) [US liquid]gallon (gal) [US liquid]barrel (bbl) [US liquid])

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