Digital Zoomer by ITProgs

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    -------------------NO MORE TINY PRINTS!---------------------

    Zoomer by ITProgs is a new high quality digital magnifier on the market. It offers quick enlargements with a sharper resolution than other magnifiers.

    Very welcome tool that works very well and is useful in daily activities such as:
    - reading tiny prints and saving them
    - enlarging objects, e.g. texts
    - viewing maps/ menus / medication and more ...

    It displays the objects in full color. Moreover, it can take and save the high quality pictures of enlargements in the bad light. This app supports the flash light that can be also used as a torch (e.g. when looking for the keys in the night in your bag ;) ).

    Main features:
    - Convinient and easy to use
    - Users will intuitively know how to physically use it
    - Pinch to zoom utilization for modifying magnification level
    - Automatic camera focus on shake detection
    - The flash light can be also used as a torch
    - Photos of enlargements in the bad light

    Functional tool also for anyone with low vision or macular degeneration.

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