Disco Torch



Disco Torch is a basic Light utility - Torch, Disco lights and groovy beat
The app has 2 modes
1. TORCH - The Camera flash is used to make your phone a bright torch.
2. DISCO - The Camera flashes on and off and groovy beats played, so you could disco.

The Disco Light along with audio is an awesome way to turn things around when the group/get-together turns boring.
Don't wait for a party/music to flash your lights. Create a party with Disco torch.

The Torch Light is bright and lets you look into the darkest corners/movie theater/unlit roads/Trekking trails. If your phone is waterproof, you can turn on the torch light/ flash underwater as well :D

Disclaimer: Strobe lights can cause epileptic seizures in people who are sensitive to flashing lights. Do not point it at anyone's face.

Party cheers!
- Love and Light :)

Update 1.1 -- screen orientation lock.
Update 1.7 - AdIquity

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