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    This is a SSH server, based on DropBear.
    It allows you to easily install, configure and run a Secured SHell on your Android phone.
    SSH is a secured (encrypted) protocol that is used on millions of GNU/Linux servers to issue commands remotely.

    This is an Open-Source software released under the GNU GPLv2+.
    Review its code at GitHub:


    If you don't know what 'root', 'ssh' or 'public key' means, you probably don't need this!

    Please read <>
    This problem occurs on some devices with multiple sdcard, and cannot be fixed from the application's side for now...


    * You will be able to gain shell access, just like 'adb shell'
    * You will be able to put/pull files via 'scp' or similar

    This rich front-end to DropBear allows you to easily configure tons of things:

    * Allows full root access (optional)
    * Allows non-root access (sdcard read/write)
    * Installs DropBear
    * Starts/Stops the server
    * Manage credentials (publickeys or master password)
    * Loads public keys from SDCard

    Now you will have full control of your device!

    [Will It Conflict With Other Binaries]

    Up to version 1.7, it might.
    From 1.8 and up, it won't :)

    [How To Connect From Computer]

    * Windows
    - File transfer: WinSCP
    - Shell access: PuTTY
    * Linux
    - File transfer: 'scp' command from terminal
    - Shell access: 'ssh' command from terminal
    * Mac
    - File transfer: Cyberduck, 'scp' command from terminal
    - Shell access: 'ssh' command from terminal

    Note: You should have ls linked to busybox or have the bash shell by default for some of those programs to work (because of ls' expected output).

    [How To Add Public Keys]

    * Put your public key on your sdcard
    * In the Settings panel, click on "Public Keys" to open a built-in file explorer
    * Click on a public key file to review and add it
    * You can remove a public key by clicking on it in the Settings panel.


    * Marc-Philip W.
    * Twan C.
    * Mark P.
    * Lonni J. F
    * Josh C.
    * Albert D.
    * Gilles C. <>
    * Barry W.
    * Martin O.
    * MTPenguin.
    * d0lph1nk1ng <>

    Tags: public key, ssh, terminal, remote, shell, adb, scp

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