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Dizi Key Selector

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中國笛係以「打開 4, 5, 6 孔,按住 1, 2, 3 孔」所吹奏出來的音調,來決定笛子的調性。因此,笛身第三孔位置,刻有 'C' 字樣的,代表它是 C 調的笛子。不過,西洋直笛或長笛,是以全按音當作調性。所以,C 調中國笛,就相當於 G 調的直笛或長笛。
中國笛的調性不容易理解,而且不好推算。於是,我就設計了這個軟體,讓大家能夠輕易地「以笛子調性決定歌曲調性」,或「以歌曲原調選擇笛子調性」。希望這個 APP 對大家有所助益!
Chinese musicians often name a Dizi from the note produced when the 4th, 5th, 6th fingerholes are closed, And the 1st, 2nd, 3rd fingerholes are open. Thus, a Dizi marked 'C' by the 3rd hole will have a fundamental of G, And be equivalent to a Western fife or flute at G.
The key of Dizi is incomprehensible And hard to be calculated. Therefore, I designed this app, so that we can easily "Select Song's Key by Dizi" or "Select Dizi by Song's Key". Hope this app will be helpful To everyone.


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