DK Screen OnOff (Smart Cover)



0. For remove this App, "Magic Off" Option must be unchecked.
or, setting -> Location & security -> Select device administrators and uncheck option.

1. This App can screen on / off without power button.

2. You can use a pseudo "Smart cover" with feature combination

3. Must use free version "Sensor LCD OnOff" and, If you are satisfied, please buy this App. Because Your money is precious. ^^

-- usage.

A. "Shake ON" mode
1. just shake it.
2. To prevent unwanted turned on, proximity sensors are used. (it does not work when phone inside of bags, pouches, cases.)

B. "Magic ON" mode
- When The awareness of the proximity sensor "close" to "far", turns on the LCD.
1. When you pull out the phone from your pocket.
2. When you open the case.

C. "Magic Off" option.
- If this option is activated, proximity sensor is working and "close" is maintaining given second, Screen will be off.
1. When you put the phone in your pocket
2. When you close the case.

D. "No Lock"
1. This Option can prevent Lock Screen.
2. "Magic On" + "Magic Off" + "No Lock" = almost "Smart Cover". in my opinion..

E. When the headset is equipped or unequipped, the screen turns on.
But, while the headset is attached, Proximity Sensor does not work.

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