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Check out and control calling, messaging, and GB consumed month on month

  • Exhaustive control of your consumption
  • Configure alerts and advice
  • Design is average
  • Translation issues

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"A consumption calculator for mobile"


If you have a limited voice and data tariff taken out with an operator and never know how much you've consumed, perhaps it would be good to sign up to an app like Dodol. Although it's not the best we've seen, it gives users the opportunity to calculate the amount of GB consumed, the number of calls, and messages sent and received. You can configure this measure in accordance with your needs to obtain the best performance possible.


The app is clear and lets you carry out an exact calculation of data consumption, calls and messages made and sent from your mobile in any given period of time. If you want, you can set alerts to put a brake on any excess consumption as you see fit.


In its conception it looks like the app was designed for a Korean audience, and as a result some of the translations are a little off. Also, Dodol needs to be open at all times in order to work, which may affect the battery consumption. The design is nothing special. In fact, most users will notice that it carries some imperfections.

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by Cecília

Jul 31, 2015

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