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Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) was globally established in 2002 with a mission: to connect youth with technology; to build human capacity; to instill an entrepreneurial way of thinking, and to provide the tools for community-led economic and social development. Combining the power of young entrepreneurs, technology, and innovative community solutions, DOT programs stimulate economic growth and create a framework for community development to secure the future success of youth, with a particular focus on young women.

DOT operations in Ethiopia were established in 2006. DOT's work toward alleviating poverty and eradicating inequality instills a spirit of development and progress among its young population. DOT provides the training and the skills to allow young Ethiopians to harness their potential and find opportunities to improve their livelihoods. For more info visit our website:

DOT Ethiopia is pleased to release its first FREE Mobile App which let's users get access to the locations we operate and provides basic information about the respective locations.

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