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In thegreat strike of2012 asthere was noclass, studentsfrom collegessocializedalmost every day.These socialmeetings,theparticipantboughtlots of boozeandalltimeshadleftoversand waste.Sowith yoursub-consciousJewishshaken bythis fact,NikolasOhanahad an idea,an idea thatwouldavoid waste,facilitatethe organizationof social gatheringsand thatwould improvepeople's lives.

Days later, Nikolas began to design an app that would calculate the amount of liquid needed for any number of people. But some doubts soon emerged: How each person drink? What favorite drink? What is the name of the app? Does Nikolas have sufficient funds to do this stuff?? Even with all this doubt our hero continued researching and decided where to start ... first he had to fix his notebook and then learn how to program.

After resolving the disputes, decided three important directions of your project: 1 - Make the app for android devices; 2 - Making the most common drink in academia: Caipirinha; 3 - Do the calculation for three doses per person;
Just to explain further, the choice of platform android was only because of the high costs to develop for iOS, had to have a drink and since caipirinha is the only one he could do ... and the calculation was set for people to be "joyful" and not in an alcoholic coma.

After a month of development left the beta version of the app! With the calculation of a drink, was delivered to "official testers" Vitor Gomes, Octavius ​​Albuquerque and Lucky Seixas, after 2 weeks of testing, some defects and the need to improve the app has been detected. Would have to have more drinks, increase the amount of drinks per person and came the brilliant idea of having three types of drinks: Classic (for the rich), University (for the poor) and Chuck Norris (without comment).

Another month of evolution, Drink Nibolas `s out of the oven with the 2.0beta version, with new features, with 6 new drinks and much more adequate rates for the university environment.

Drink `s Nibolas was ready to be deployed, ready to go to market, ready to make money! The full version with all released features and a free version just released some drinks was done, but where to publish, the newly created Google Play had some rules but only one obstacle: Money.

Like everything in today's world, money is the basis of everything, so the electronic cash moves everything in the virtual world and to become a developer had to Google a small fee of $ 25 (twenty-fifth U.S. dollars). For the first time the material money was no problem, but the electronic money and electronic money is required to have a credit card. And it was our hero in search of a credit card. After a long wait of two days the card arrives and soon after activation was given entry in the Google developer license.

Anyway Drink `s Nibolas was posted on Google Play with two full versions at a dollar and free grace, but after reviewing the full market was abolished (in 3 months so a download) and free (at 3 months 173 downloads) released all the features. Today `s Drink Nibolas passed 550 downloads with 10 different versions and has already been downloaded in 34 different countries. The iOs plan was not terminated, but only the future will be effected.

Are you tired of running out of drinking during the holidays? Or tired of buying many drinks they just leave it all next year? Well your problems are over! Drink `s Nibolas arrived, the program that will solve your problems! It calculates the amount of drink being consumed per person in a party, meeting with friends, BBQ with the guys from university and meeting with family and other ... Example: You choose the drink "Sex on the beach", puts the number of people who will drink, the app will show the amount of each ingredient needed to make the drink and will teach how to do!

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