Droid Bones



Droid Bones Overview

Droid Bones is a utility for use with SQLite databases - or SQL databases converted to SQLite - which provides a facility for the logical navigation and updating of the inter-related database entities.

Droid Bones presents the top level group of entities accessible by the user as a list of tabs. Each tab, in turn, opens an access route to 'child' tabs representing the entity children of that parent, and so on throughout the complete hierarchical relationship embodied by the database. Along the way, Droid Bones provides the means for adding, updating and deleting any of the entity items in a controlled fashion which respects the logical constraints of the entity relationships as well as the intrinsic requirements of the data items themselves. All of this is done without the need for programming!

In other words, Droid Bones provides the 'skeletal framework' of a comprehensive database information and maintenance facility. All that remains is the creation of the tables of rules and relationships that apply to the given database. And Droid Bones provides a comprehensive example of how to create these rules and relationships by 'dumping' a copy of this demonstration database in an accessible storage location for you to retrieve and examine in detail by use of such [free] tools as 'aSQLiteManager'!

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