Droid Control for Arduino



This application in combination with "Droid Host for Arduino" allows you to remote control your Arduino project via WiFi / 3G *without* any shields.

1.Download this app.
2.Download "Droid Host for Arduino" app on *another* android device and connect Arduino MEGA/UNO with USB cable to the second device.
3.Configure the TCP connection between the apps.
4.Both application will communicate via WiFi /3G and allow you to remote control your Arduino project.

This application can also receive video stream from "Droid Host for Arduino".

In general "Droid Host for Arduino" is something like WiFi/3G modem/shield for your Arduino board and this app is something like a joystick/controller that can send commands to "Droid Host for Arduino" and the arduino board.

You can find "Droid Host for Arduino" here:

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