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Droid Finder is an all-in-one mobile security and phone tracking application that allows you to remotely take control of your Android device using two-way SMS communication. It features a clean UI with customizable options for each feature type.

The free must-have app for your phone if you never want to lose your precious device again! Always be aware of your phone’s location – protect your privacy by remotely wiping your phone data clean (internal and external storage) upon phone being stolen – easily find your phone when lost at home or in a car – remotely lock your phone or set a timer to do so. Do more with less distractions using a very simple yet elegant app design.

- Secure and easy to use: Set up in a few steps and enjoy remote security and control of your device.
- Peace of mind: Find out where your phone is or take a screenshot of what the intruder might be doing on your phone.
- Data security: Use Droid Finder to protect personal or business data on your Android devices using the phone wipe feature after user defined number of consecutive failed login security breach attempts or choose to instantly wipe the device through a remote SMS command.
- Usage history: Logs the feature activation times and phone numbers.

Discover what Droid Finder for Android can do for you. Download free and share the news with your friends!

If you would like to support Droid Finder, please report bugs, features at Issue Tracker or use the built in feedback option available within the application.

Keep in touch with Droid Finder:
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AskewCoders
e-mail - contact@askewcoders.com

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