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    DroidSecurity is a powerful tool for analysing applications installed in an Android device.

    DroidSecurity scan all installed apps and checks for permissions that have been granted. Based on predefined rules, DroidSecurity find those applications that can potentially compromise security or steal data.

    The dashboard of DroidSecurity lists all applications that have been found to be potentially harmful.

    Threats related to an application can be visualized with a description of the potential risks.

    After reading all risks the user can mark the app as trusted or can uninstall it with just one click.

    A periodically updated threats list and applications whitelist allows Droidsec to discover new risks in applications, skipping those well known and already judged as non harmful.

    A full scan is performed every time the user click on the "Scan" button placed on the dashboard of the app.
    Every time the user installs an application, it is checked by DroidSecurity and, if some of its permissions hit one of the rules, a warning dialog is shown to the user.
    Through this the user can decide to uninstall the app or mark it as trusted.

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